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:dl: Lace Insert Jeans & Top
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Post Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2006 4:23 pm
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Lace Jeans and Top

Lace Jeans & Top
SimsHost subscribers can download the outfit by clicking on the image. (~527 KB. Pretty big.)
Unzip the archive and put both files, psaflacejeans03.package and MESH_chriko_AlphaPantsSandals.package, into your Downloads folder.
The archive contains the adult female outfit shown above. Although it looks like separate top and bottom, it's just a one-piece everday outfit so that's were it will appear in your clothing catalog.
You do need the seperate mesh file, which is included in the zip, but you don't need to install the mesh again if you already have it in your downloads folder. See the readme file in the zip archive for more notes about options for where you can put the files.

Armed with an old lace teddy, a sharp pair of scissors, and a most excellent sewing machine, the inimitable Miss Irene Idiom created her version of the ultimate attention-seeking outfit. Obviously, she was successful, at least in attracting the attention of our Primary Guilty Party. Of course he's just admiring her handiwork with the red lace inserts into the legs of her jeans. Or maybe it's those outrageous stacked mules she has on her feet. Yeah, that's it.

What really happened:
I was tempted to play with one of Chriko's meshes from 2-for-U and see if I could come up with something a bit different, so I did!

Then I needed to test it in the game, at least in the create-a-sim tool. As usual, in the process of checking out the outfit, I got interested in the character and she became yet another denizen of the alphabetical pantheon in Vita Bella. This is Irene's fifth costume change. I had to trash two previous versions of this outfit and in between photo shoots she borrowed a dress from Kelly so that she didn't have to run around like an Ecology Guru while waiting for the next delivery from the haberdasher.

If you snoop around the textures you will see that Irene is also wearing a pair of panties (that look suspiciously like the bottom of the standard maxis bikini), but they are not visible with this outfit. I was tempted to add some more lace just because this mesh would support showing off her undies, but decided against it because it would sort of spoil the effect I was after.

This outfit requires three textures and three alphas, all of which are included in psaflacejeans03.package. That's the main reason the download is so big. One texture has her top, panties, and shoes. Another has the outside of the jeans, and the third is the inside of the jeans.

Look closely: What you see thorugh the lace is Irene.

What you see through the lace is Irene herself, so this outfit will look a little different depending on the skin tone of the sim wearing it. An anatomically detailed sim will sort of show through the lace top, but not noticeably unless the anatomical details are rather extreme.

If you zoom in really, really close to the lace cutouts in the jeans, you can actually see the background through them. That's the feature that makes this outfit so amusing.

This outfit doesn't have any bump maps ("normals"). Keeping three textures and their associated alphas in synch was driving me batty enough already!

The mesh has a bug that you might not even notice. If the viewing angle is just right, her far leg will show through her near leg near the bottom hem of the pants. Don't worry-it's not you; it's the mesh. I couldn't figure out how to fix it so I just let it be. Also, with just the right zoom and viewing angle, the neck strap is one pixel off where the back joins the front. I suspect that this is an artifact created by a bug in the game; probably not handling integer round-off correctly. I've noticed this phenomenon with other outfits.

This is number 3 because 1 and 2 had problems when I saw them in the game.

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Post Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 9:35 am
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Greg, I saw a trick somewhere to make the game use the same texture for the inside and outside of the alpha layer. Saves you quite a bit of filesize!

Will look for it later...

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:dl: Lace Insert Jeans & Top
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