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Note to self: Cut down on the sarcasm.
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 4:58 pm
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Between exploring Bluewater Village in another neighbourhood, going "ooh" at new, exciting features and creating lots for a brand new neighbourhood, I haven't really bothered that much with Enderby.

There was a moment of severe paranoia induced by the kabajillions of new NPCs added by associating an empty shopping district, but I think everything's fine now.

Enderby is pretty much the same as I left it, however, the Curious/Terrano Household are now in their Sophomore year. Within half an hour (real time) of moving in! I should be able to beat three hours.
(But there are only three of them. The mini-challenge set by Greg said four. I imagine I'll have to try and beat 2 1/4 hours, then. S'all proportional.)

There have been two birthdays. One of which was Eleanor's.

She got Fambly

I'm sure she had two hands.

And the other birthday was the Monkey's... erm, Erin's.

Popularity. And what do you know, she does look better.

I'm too judgemental. (Or however you spell that.) I think one of the reasons why I was so cruel about the way she looked in earlier life was because nearly everyone in the town uses the exact same facial archetype.

And that's just about it. Unless I can find that photo of the department store... Nope. I'll look for it later.

I feel I have outstayed my welcome.
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Post Posted: Sat Mar 11, 2006 5:40 pm
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Personally, I never use the archtypes. Even when I start with one, I tweak something. I hate the noses.

There's one that really does look like a monkey and I have at least 4 npcs with that nose! It's really wide and really long and really flat and the end bends down. Prof Heidi has it. Her future hubby, Hart Stacks, will have to shell out for the dma gizmo first thing when she moves in with him. I hate that nose!

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The Whole Sort of General Mish-Mash
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