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:tutorial: How to Change Appearance with SimPE
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Post Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2005 5:12 pm
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Tutorial: How to Change Appearance with SimPE

This originally appeared in Tales of Happy Valley. I'm growing weary of having to hunt for it every time I want it so I'm giving its own topic.

The "Change Appearance" tool on the DMA red gizmo lets you do the same thing to an NPC that a player sim can do in a mirror. But there's still a way to change their face mesh.

The ultimate solution to ugly NPC's is SimPE's Sim Surgery feature. With it, you can make any sim look exactly like another sim. What you do:

1. Quit your game. (This is the hardest step.)

2. Download and install SimPE.

3. Start up SimPE.

4. Select Plugins... Neighborhood Browser.

5. Choose the neighborhood where the ugly sim lives and click on CREATE BACKUP!

6. Did you create a backup? If not, go to step 5. It only takes one click on a button and a few seconds of waiting.

7. Now, seriously, did you really create a backup? If not, get back to step 5 right now and do it!

8. After you have backed up your neighborhood, pull down under Plugins to Sim Surgery.

9. Scroll through the list and select the sim you want to change. Click on "Use" in the "Patient" area at the top of the screen.

10. Find the sim you want that other sim to look like and select it. Click on "Use" in the "Archetype" area below the patient area.

11. Click on the botton near the bottom of the window named something like "Perform Surgery." (Did I mention that you, really, REALLY, REALLY want to back up your neighborhood before you did this?)

12. SimPE will entertain you with amusing images while it considers your request. When it's done, it will open the character editor for the sim who just underwent surgery.

13. If you want to tweak the sim in the character editor while you're there, have at it. Remember to click on "Commit" as you flip from screen to screen while editing.

14. When you're all done--but only if you backed up your neighborhood before you did all this--pull down under File and Save.

15. Quit SimPE.

16. Start up your game and go to a household where the newly transformed character lives, or where you can teleport the sim in from the hinterlands.

17. Unless you want the previously ugly sim to look like an identical twin of your archetype, it's time to "Change Appearance." If the sim is living there, have your newly prettified sim adjust hair and makeup for a unique look. If you have to teleport the sim in, use the DMA Sims red thingie to "Change Appearance."

There are a lot of options for changing just the face or skintone, too. Those can leave you with strange things like a light face on a dark body. Most of the time, just having the sim go to a mirror and "Change Appearance" will fix the face skin tone; however there seem to be exceptions that I haven't yet figured out how to handle.

Addendum: In the time since I first wrote this tutorial, Danny added the functions of the Plastic Surgery to the DMA Sims Appearance and Outfit Changer.

Somewhere around here we have some notes about how modify the sims so that changes of appearance made with the Plastic Surgery or the DMA COA are permanent and passed on in the character's genes. I'll add a link as soon as I find that discussion.

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:tutorial: How to Change Appearance with SimPE
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