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More Cheats =)

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Post Posted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 11:45 am
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intProp maxNumOfVisitingSims #

Change how many guests can be
invited to a party; replace the #
with the number; don't exeed 15,
even on high end machines, or you
risk gameplay so slow it'll be
difficult to even save; use in the
Neighborhood screen.

boolProp snapObjectsToGrid true/false

Choose "true" or "false"; this
allows you to place objects off
the grid, which will, for example,
let you line up a 1x2 television
with a 1x3 couch, so it looks


Displays list of cheat codes


Displays help for specific code

faceBlendLimits <on/off>

Used when creating a child, it
removes the game making
corrections to the child, which
allows you to make unusual looking

slowMotion <on/off>

Enable/disable slow motion

*I don't think these are repeats - if any are, apologies. * =)

~*~ Carrot ~*~
More Cheats =)
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