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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:33 am
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Oh yeah! It's all been good! I'm looking forward to the next chapter! Grin

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Chapter 4
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:11 am
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Chapter 4: From Toast to Toasts

Zack was uncomfortable at first in the Broke household. He'd never really been around children of any age and he wasn't sure at first how to behave around them or how they would receive him. He wanted to be a good role model, but he also didn't want to have to compromise his job as a party goer. In the end, it worked out fine because he only worked at night when the kids were asleep...well, most of the kids.

Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant share their first kiss.
Mom is busy teaching little Brad to talk, so she doesn't notice.

Brandi had convinced Dustin to stop his life of petty crime after the cops brought him home from a late night escapade. He took up a part time job as a waterboy for the soccer team and spent more time on his studies. Except of course when he was with Angela.

Zack decided to show his worth to the Broke's by cooking a delicious breakfast of toaster pastries for them all, and since it was rare that they ever got to eat together as a family, it really was quite a treat. Relationships soared and before long Zack was just another one of Brandi's boys.

One day Beau was struggling with some schoolwork and to Brandi's delight, he approached Zack for help.

Kind of ironic for a guy that reached the top of his career doing as little as possible.

Zack was also instrumental in helping Brandi survive as his working hours allowed her to start her job in the culinary career track while he took care of the toddler Brad. He was always willing to help and made it to every birthday. Soon, it came time for Brad to grow from his toddler days into childhood, and Zack helped put toghether the most rocking party they'd ever seen.

Brad's got more of his mother in him than his brothers do.

Zack couldn't believe the change that had come over him in the last few weeks. He had goten so rapped up in being with the kids and helping out Brandi around the house, that he had had no time or desire to go out with other women. And to his surprise, he was completely satisfied. He never imagined being a family man, but he knew this was where he belonged, and the more he stayed, the more he was drawn to Brandi romantically. She was always so understanding and polite.

Brandi, also, was astonished by the change in Zack, and with it he had become sexier than ever. He was always there for her and never asked for anything in return. Whatever he had been before, he was a true gentleman now and she couldn't help beeing attracted to that goofy smile and blonde hair. Could they ever be lovers?

And then one day over another heaping bowl of cornflakes, it happened.

What exactly did Zack put in that cereal?

In the middle of cleaning up after breakfast, Zack and Brandi stopped and just looked longingly into each other's eyes. Something clicked and they knew what they both wanted.

"Brandi," said Zack, "I...I think I love you, but it's not a kind of love that I'm used to. It's different. Something I've been looking for my whole life and didn't know where to find it, but I think I found it here, with you, and your boys."

"Oh, Zack. I love you too. And I'm so glad you feel the same way! You've been such a wonderful help to us and yet you've changed too and become such a wonderul man!"

All day long they were inseperable, pausing often to hug and kiss.

Worth the wait

Zack knew what to do next, but it still scared him. He had lived his life on the principle that settling down was not a good thing. He spent the whole night wrestling with himself about it, but finally decided that anything was worth spending the rest of his life with Brandi. So the next morning, Zack told Brandi to put on her best dress and meet him outside in the garden. (Kind of a give-a-way if you ask me, but remember, he's never done this before.)

Ooooh! Pretty!

Zack proposed, "Brandi Broke, I don't know much of anything, but I know that I've never felt better than when I'm with you. Will you marry me..."

"Oh yes, yes, yes" screamed Brandi, thrilled that he finally had gotten to it.

"...tonight?" Zack finished.

Brandi's eyes bugged out a little. "Tonight? But there's so much to do! There has to be cake and flowers and food and guests and you can't get married without an archway and oh my goodness, oh my goodness!" She began to get frantic, but Zack touched her shoulder to calm her down.

"You forget, I have so many connections with party planners that it will be a snap!"

Brandi gave Zack a skeptical look.

Zack smiled and then snapped his fingers. Immediately a beautifully catered wedding banquet complete with toasting glasses and a cake appeared. Next to the table were a few rows of chairs set before a lovely white archway with blue posies all over it.

Brandi's jaw dropped and she quickly decided it was best not to ask questions. "And the guests?" She asked.

"On their way!" grinned Zack.

The guests seem more enthralled by the food than the happily married couple

The wedding was a stunning success. The Oldies showed up, as well as one of Zack's old friends, Joe Carr. Angela escorted Dustin, and Brad had one of his own friends over as well. The vows were exchanged quickly and the ceremony was over before the guests had a chance to sit down from pre-wedding refreshments. Afterwards, Beau gave a couple toasts to the Newlyweds.

A toast to the happy couple is so enthralling, that Brad's friend thinks he can fly.

And so Brandi was the one to finally tame Zack's wild heart. With Dustin soon to be a man, and the other two growing quickly, Brandi is wishing for a new bun in the oven, but she's a bit timid about approaching her new husband about it. Zack is excited but scared to be starting married life. It's so different from his norm. Will he be able to survive it?

Find out what happens next time when the Morris-Broke family searches for a new place to house their growing family in Chapter 5: Extreme Makeover: Sims Edition

*Author's Notes:Yay! So when I got the game and moved him in across the street from Brandi, I knew this was where I wanted to take it and I finally did!

Hopefully you can see the better picture quality in the last couple of pictures from the engagement and wedding. I think it looks better, and I'm glad I fixed it before the wedding. Sorry for all the previous graininess. Should be good from here on out.

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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 10:51 am
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I thought it might be fun to post some random pictures of the odd and wonderful variety. Not necessarily canon for the story, but neat to see and comment on at least.

This one is from Beau's child to teen birthday. I winced a little at the clothing choice for him as it was very similar to Zack's outfit. On top of that, Zack must share some looks with Skip Broke because Dustin and Beau both look a lot like him, even without the same clothing. I guess Brandi's taste in men hasn't changed. In the next chapter, they all get a new wardrobe.

Dustin shows off his "I can check myself out in the mirror while walking through a door" trick. I don't know about Angela, but I'm impressed.

The only thing cuter than a toddler is a glowing toddler. I laughed so hard the first time I saw this. For starters, I love the toddler on a xylophone animatins to begin with, the fact that he was glowing just made me laugh harder. That smart milk is great stuff.

Not a lot of room to sit at Brandi's place. Autonomously, they all decided to watch TV and this is what they ended up doing. I snapped a family photo before they decided they needed to find something fun to do that didn't involve standing.

Sponge Bath. I think I saw someone else post a picture of a sim doing this. Brandi needed to get clean, but her one bathtub was being used by Dustin. I just had her wait, but she went to the sink by herself and undressed to take a quick bath. Now someone please tell me why she can't go in the bathroom and use the stand alone shower if her son is in the bath, but she can strip to her birthday suit in the middle of the kitchen to sponge bathe. Hmm?

This was when Zack had his aspiration failure. Remington is Zack's maid and he totally ruined my shot. When I started playing, I only knew of Kaylynn Langerak. So when I hired a maid and Remington showed up, I was pretty dissapointed, as I had wanted to have the maid be one of Zack's love interests, and Zack is not into the guys. Any way to get a different maid without killing him? Yeah, he's the maid at the new house now too. What if I dismiss him, and hire again?

And last but not least is the family that I helped my wife create and that are exclusively hers to play. In the top picture is James Montana and the family dog, Jessie, a chocolate lab. In the lower picture is Angie Montana and their baby-turned-toddler, Peter. James is a family aspiration, stay-at-home dad. (although he had a brief stint as a cop) and Angie is a knowledge sim. Maybe I'll post their story later on if my wife okays it. Grin

Okay, okay, intermission is closing. Finish up in the bathroom and get your drinks and candy ready for the next chapter. cool
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Post Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 11:02 am
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WhiteSaber wrote:
you can't get married without an archway


Great story!

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Post Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:36 am
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Greg, thanks for getting rid of that nasty spammer.

The story isn't over. I've just been spending some time getting ahead of the chapters a bit, and directing where the story should lead. Updates to commence soon I hope!
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Post Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 4:20 pm
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There is an almost-logical answer to the sponge bath question: Sims who want to take a sponge bath will shoo everybody else out of the room, no matter what kind of room it is. They don't know the difference between a bathroom and a chemistry lab.

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Post Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 8:47 pm
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I've seen a hack that will only let them take sponge baths in rooms that are already empty.

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Post Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:28 am
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I think Squinge wrote one that disables autonomous sponge baths but enables commanded sponge baths for all sims.

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Chapter 5
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Post Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 12:19 pm
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Chapter 5: Extreme Makeover: Sims Edition

With the family growing ever bigger and the walls of Brandi’s small home seemingly getting smaller, the Morris-Brokes decide it’s time to move out and move up! The Extreme Sims Makeover crew from SBN takes pity on the struggling family and moves them out to a nice two level house on the Goth’s street.

Now this is a home.

A lovely home with a master bedroom and bath, 3 more bedrooms and two more bathrooms for the kids, dining, study and living area complete with fireplace! Brandi is so excited by the new home that she decides to celebrate by shopping! She picks out some nice new outfits for herself and the children. Zack refuses to part with his classic style however.

“Two-hundred per outfit!? Will there be a sale soon?”

It wasn’t long after being in their new home that the eldest Broke son, Dustin, became an adult. He had longed to get out of the house for a awhile, but now he was finally ready to move.

Dustin’s all grown up.

Dustin approached his mother that afternoon. “Mom, I’m leaving today. I’m going to go make a name for myself as an animal trainer for dogs and cats. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I think now is the best time to start since all of these dogs and cats started appearing everywhere.”

“Oh, Dustin, my little man. We’ll miss you, but I know you’ll achieve your wants! Don’t be a stranger! Make sure you get a phone so we can call you! And maybe you should get a hold of Angela Pleasant. I’m sure she’d love to see your new place.” Brandi said with a wink.

With that Dustin hailed a cab and found a bachelor pad to start his business. We’ll check in on him sometime in the future.

Brandi waved goodbye long after Dustin had driven off. She eventually headed back into the house and noticed Beau had a friend over. And his friend seemed to be enjoying his company. Could love be in the air?

Beau is like a magnet, and Meadow is the iron.

Brandi gave a pleasant sigh as she walked into the study to sit down. She heard Zack helping young Brad with is homework as she walked down the hallway. All of her kids were growing so fast, and she was beginning to feel like the house was emptier than when they first moved in. She began to think what she needed was a job, and with a quick search on the internet Brandi got started at a fast food joint. “Who knows?” She thought, “Maybe one day I’ll become a great chef!”

But being a great chef was not in the cards for Brandi Morris-Broke. The first day on the job, there was a problem with the Uberburger 3000 and Brandi, going out of her mind, tried to repair it, only to have the whole thing blow up in her face. She was demoted, devastated, and frazzled, to say the least.

I’ve got a headache, this big.

She didn’t have time for a pity party though since Brad’s birthday was that very next morning. They threw a small family only party.

Thank goodness, my clothes aren’t just like Zack’s.

Later that night, Zack and Brandi were lying on the bed talking about the latest episode of Sims Survivor, when Brandi looked straight at Zack and began to tear up.

“Honey? What’s wrong?” asked Zack lovingly.

“I think I want to quit my job. I never wanted to be a chef anyway,” replied Brandi.

“That sounds fine, but that’s not what’s really bothering you, is it?”

“Well, no, it’s not just the job. It’s this big house and it’s getting emptier by the day. I’m not ready to stop being a mother! My boys have all grown up so well, but so fast. I think…I think I’m I know I’m ready to have another child. One that’s yours and mine.”

Brandi, pouring out her little heart.

Zack gave Brandi a sweet smile and pulled her close to him. He had long gotten over his fears of family with the amount of love and time he had spent with the boys and Brandi.

“Then that, my dear, is what you shall have,” he said. And with that, he kissed her long and tenderly.

Maybe it was the emotion in their conversation, or the desire of Brandi to have a child, but whatever the case, soon after that night, Brandi was ready to give birth.

Hmm, this seems different than the other times…

Zack was there to hold her hand while Brandi gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, who she named Kirsten. But wait! Surprise! Kirsten’s brother Sean was quick to follow. Twins!

Zack and Brandi looked at their babies and looked at each other, smiling the whole time. Brandi wouldn’t have any problem keeping the house and her hands full with two babies!

I love being a mother.

Brandi set about getting the cribs and things for the babies, while Zack made a few phone calls to tell everyone the news.

Brandi is eager now to see her little babies grow and her grown babies get married! Zack is contemplating a career change and Beau and Brad are coming in to their own as well. Just where will all these kids end up? And how is Brandi going to find spouses for them all? Check back next time in Chapter 6: Moving out Broke
Chapter 6
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Chapter 6: Moving out Broke

Zack looked on his two beautiful babies with the pride of a father. A father! He was a father! He couldn’t believe it as he repeated it to himself silently. As he contemplated this, a profound sense of responsibility came over him. He couldn’t support these kids on the easy going salary of a professional party guest. He would have to make some serious bank to give them the life he wanted for them. He talked to Brandi and she mentioned that the food joint where she had worked for one night was hiring again, and they were advertising that promotions would come quickly for highly qualified candidates.

“Your skills as a party guest might come in handy at the ritzy food places,” she suggested to Zack. So he took the job and started on his way to become a celebrity chef.

Meanwhile, Beau had been doing a part time job as a recruit at the local army base, and after his birthday jump to adulthood, told Brandi and Zack his plans.

“Mom, Zack, I’m moving out. I want to put my full effort into the military. I’ll be needing my own place to train and prepare and survive the rigorous ladder to general, so, Zack, I was wondering if your old place was on the market?”

Zack, thought about it and replied, “Well, you know, I don’t think anyone ever did move into the place, so feel free to take up residence. Good luck in your aspirations!”

Gruff look, check, camo pants, check, pink tank top, che…wait a second.

Beau moved out that day leaving Brandi and Zack with the twins and a quickly growing Brad. Brad, as it turns out was a brain. Maybe it was all the smart milk as a kid. He took it upon himself to invite over and schmooze the headmaster of a private school he wanted to attend. He got in with no problems at all.

Brad takes his first step towards world domination.

With the backing of the private school, Brad began his study of the sciences, dealing specifically in animal genetics. He was searching for a rare strain of canine genes that may be transferable to humans for medical purposes. He experimented a little with the stray dogs wandering the neighborhood.

That poor unsuspecting puppy doesn’t really know Brad only wants him for his DNA.

On the side, he built a machine out back that would help his mom re-energize after a long day of mothering.


The twins were growing quickly. Already toddlers, they learned very fast from a very attentive mother. Brandi enjoyed every moment with her children. She kept in touch with Dustin and Beau as the days went on, but she was silently dreading the day Brad would leave. Down to only two children in the house again! What would she do? Oh yeah…

So smart, they glow.

But the day did come and Brad had his birthday party. His brothers came over for the occasion to watch their nerdy scientist brother become a…farmer?

Yeah, we have to do something about those overalls.

No, not a farmer. Just someone who doesn’t think about fashion while he’s pouring over his test tubes and beakers. Brad wastes no time in letting his parents know he’s moving out of the house. His long time friend Peter Montana had recently come into some money as a Hall of Famer and has agreed to help finance Brad’s scientific research. Peter is going to start a pet business and Brad is going to help “take care” of the pets. They’re going to be roommates as they start their business venture.

Brad takes off to his new lab, and Zack and Brandi are left on the curb waving goodbye to yet another child. Meanwhile, the twins are sprouting like weeds into a pair of lively children. They often chase each other around the house playing cops and robbers.

Don’t worry; he’s not a very good shot.

Brandi once again begins to look around the empty house and desire to fill it right back up again. “Six children sounds about right,” she thinks. “I think that will satisfy me. Well, that and seeing them married!” She smiles as she begins to work on her future plans.

As per usual, it didn’t take long for Brandi to get pregnant. She was worried about the stress on Zack from all the babies, but one day in the study, she realized his only concern was loving her, and everything else seemed to fall in to place. Oh yes, she had everything under control.

Life is beautiful.

Stay tuned for Chapter 7: Growing up Morris where we’ll see the formidable years of the twins and introduce the newest Morris to the family!
Chapter 7
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Chapter 7: Growing up Morris

With all three of the Broke boys now moved out, the house is in the full control of the Morris family. The twins, Kirsten and Sean, grew to hold a unique bond that only twins could hold and were seldom found apart from each other.

Kirsten has dolls, and Sean has G.I. Joes, I swear.

But even with each other to lean on, it was hard not to notice the void of no older siblings in the house. They discussed it amongst themselves before coming up with a plan to alleviate the problem.

“Mom! Pleeeeease can we get a puppy? We’ll feed it, and love it, and walk it and everything!” said the twins in practiced unison.

Brandi couldn’t resist their charms, even knowing that they couldn’t possibly take care of it completely by themselves, and consented to getting them a dog. Zack wasn’t around to also approve of the decision, but since he was such an easy going guy, she was sure he wouldn’t mind. So off to the pet store they went.

The pet store didn’t sell puppies, so Brandi told the kids they would have to settle on an adult dog. They poked around all the cages until the happened upon a playful young golden retriever named Kira. Sean thought the dog would be great for playing with and Kirsten thought her coat was pretty, so they paid for her and took her home right away.

Kira wasted no time in getting comfortable.

Think Zack knows she’s there?

So the Morris’ welcomed a new, albeit different, family member in their new dog Kira. Sean and Kirsten actually surprised their mother by taking a more active role than she had anticipated in the dog’s house training. They even had hopes of getting the dog to join the police force like the dogs on TV. Or maybe just being a dog ON TV. Brandi smiled as she left them to play.

Kirsten greets a wolf with glowing eyes. She suspects Brad had something to do with this.

Brandi didn’t smile for too much longer though, for she began to feel a pain in her lower abdomen. It was time! Baby number six was on the way! Zack was at work seeking a promotion, but a few minutes later, baby boy Trey was born and Brandi couldn’t be happier.

The newest family member, of the human variety.

Brandi squealed with delight as she looked into Trey’s face. He was so cute and she just knew there was something extra special about him. And she wasn’t disappointed. Brandi used all the tricks she’d learn from raising five other kids to raise a healthy toddler, and teaching him quickly all the things he needed to know.

The thinking cap not only helps speed up baby skill training, it keeps their attention on you too!

Zack was thrilled with the arrival of Trey as well, but he had been working hard every night to get promoted. He was finally a host at a local restaurant. He and a friend came home after work discussing the ins and outs of seating Sims and their families when he heard a ruckus from inside. He rushed inside to find the twins blowing out Birthday candles!

Good looking kids.

Kirsten takes a lot of her looks from her mom and is sure to knock the boys for a loop at school. She’s aiming to be the most popular girl around and get a part time job with security.

Sean is a family Sim who is already looking forward to his golden anniversary. His heart for family might just lead him to stick around longer than his older brothers.

The twins are growing up, and Trey is learning super fast. Zack is struggling to become a chef, and Brandi is enjoying seeing her family grow and expand. And Kira is…well, a pretty lazy dog, but find out what happens next in Chapter 8: Twin Romances.
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The saga continues...

Great story, btw!

Peace out~
Life and Love, Lost and Found
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