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:dl: Grandmother and Teen
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Post Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2006 8:27 pm
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My Sims:
1) Are CAS created as the children of CAS created (and deleted) Sims.
2) Have no relationships outside the family
3) Have different dominant/recessive genes.
4) Are residents of an empty 3x1 lot.
5) Have randomly determined aspirations, turn ons and turn offs.
6) Wear only Maxis original clothes, hair and makeup if applicable.

This family has been "played" for 2 Sim hours. They had to wait for the paper to get there and the mom to move out. All other actions and reactions were initiated by the Sims themselves.

I believe the mom is in the packed lot too. You could probably retrieve her with either SimPE or the Tombstone of Life and Death and add her to another family. Her name is Mattea Hope if you care to try.

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:dl: Grandmother and Teen
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