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:dl: Nephilim Tank Top
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 13, 2006 7:32 am
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Nephilim Tank Top

Nephilim Tank Top in Red by The Pearl
SimsHost subscribers can click on the image to download. ~94 KB.
The zip archive contains the top shown. It's an everyday outfit top for young adult and adult females.
Unzip the zip and save the .package file in your SavedSims or Downloads folder.

Here's something for your sims who seem more than a little bit disconnected from the mainstream of human life. The symbol on the model's tank top, "nephilim," is in Hebrew: הנּפלים means the fallen ones.

In some non-canonical ancient writings, before God created Adam and Eve and all the humans who came after, He created a race of beings called the Elohim, or "Sons of God." When humans came along, some of the Elohim mated with the Daughters of Men, and the result was a species of cross-breed outcasts, the Nephilim.

(There are some hints about this in the Book of Genesis, Chapter 6, but you have to dig deeper to learn the most interesting bits about proto-Hebrew mythology.)

If you have a sim who is feeling rather like an outcast or perhaps like a fallen one, or who just wants to get into mischief, this might be just the thing for her to make a statement about it!

(The model's pants are available in the Tanga Shorts topic here in the Hullabaloo. The tribal tattoo that's peeking out of her shorts is part of her skin tone. I don't have that one on line yet.)

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:dl: Nephilim Tank Top
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