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Reply to topic Glitch found and resolved.
Glitch found and resolved.
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:38 am
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I am never sure how much anyone needs to know, so here goes.
I was playing the "Beaker" household in Strangetown. Cerci sent Nervous Subject packing....he kept arguing with Loki. Cerci and Nervous had a baby and it was the day of the baby's 1st party. I invited 4 guests. I think 3 came. Anyway.....I put the cake on the table. Told Loki to go get the baby from the crib and place him in front of the cake. Cerci came into the kitchen and stood behind the table. As soon as the baby was thrown in the air and changed into a toddler, Cerci changed into a half sitting/half standing person. Her body was sort of split into 3 pieces. Head, neck to waist, and waist to floor. It almost looked like she was in a wheelchair. Except the chair was invisible. Her head was askew, looking over her shoulder away from the child.
I tried a couple of things, teach to walk, stayed that way. I saved and exited the game. I came back later and she was the same....I had her go use the toilet and when she was through, she was back to normal. Thank goodness, because my next attempt at cure would have been to move the family out and find a new place to live. I sure didn't want to do that.

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Post Posted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 10:22 am
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I have had instances where one of the adults was playing with the demon teddy bear and their arms "broke" so that they were fully extended, then hands were on backwards, and no matter how the sim turned, the arms stayed in the same direction and spot on the body. But it always corrected itself.

Last night my family returned from a community lot in an invisible taxi. Everyone was sitting like they were in a vehicle, went through all the correct motions, but there was just an invisible van.

Also, several times a person will be sitting on the couch watching tv when someone will sit next to them and they will move out in front of the couch in a sitting position and then stand. Rather strange looking, but it doesn't mess with anything else.

And lastly, (for the big bugs I can think of) I have my sims bring home a guest but the guest is invisible. (This only happens if they travel by helicopter). Freaked me out the first time it happened because plates flew off the table to the counter by themselves....the diving board would bend as though someone were on it and you would see a splash, but no swimmer and no ripples. Your sim would talk to them while watching tv and it would appear as though they were talking to themselves. When you look in the relationships section, it shows what sim it is (because it's first in the list) and it always maxes out their relationship. (which can be nice cause you don't have to do anything with them) The way to get rid of them is to invite someone else over and say goodbye to everyone, or just send all your sims to bed. But be careful because if you have a tv or stereo in a sims room and you send them to bed earlier than the rest, their sleep can be interrupted by the guest going in and helping themselves to the electronics.



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Glitch found and resolved.
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