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need help finding my lover
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Post Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 9:29 pm
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hehe, bet that got attention. A few weeks ago my poor Dell blew a gasket and had to be completely restored. I hadn't yet learned to use the cd rewrite so I lost all my downloads. It was alot of downloads lol. Unfortunetly, and I have no clue how, my favorites list got wiped in the process.
So the past couple weeks have been spent trying to refind all my favorite ones. I have all except a bunch of artwork I got from one site, I'm hoping it's one of your cuz no one else seems to recall seeing them.
The artwork was mostly dragons, but there were 2 'blind date' sized paintings with a man on it. I don't remember the titles of the dragon ones,(I have zillions of dragons) but I do remember that one of the big paintings was named 'Hungry Lover.' (no, he wasn't naked and he didn't look hungry, just cold) The other guy was a vampire, but I don't remember the title.
If these guys are on your site please let me know, the wallart I got from this site was my favorite. sad
need help finding my lover
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